For over 20 years, Taylors Recycled Plastic Products Inc. has been manufacturing quality products with recycled plastic lumber.

We offer a complete line of outdoor products, in a variety of colours and colour combinations that are designed to complement your outdoor living spaces and are backed with our 20 year warranty. Our products require no waterproofing, staining or other common reoccurring maintenance that are common practice with wood products.  The colour maintains stability due to UV additives which resist breakdown from prolonged sum and weather exposure.

All of our furniture is hand-crafted by our skilled carpenters.

It’s maintenance-free due to exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, warping and other common outcomes from environmental stress that one can observe with common wood or wood fiber composite products.  Furniture that is maintenance free, built to last for all seasons, and that never needs to be stored will save you countless headaches and maintenance dollars over the life of your business.